Red Deer Catholic Schools Faith Day

03/10/16 All day
Red Deer, AB, Canada
Address: Red Deer, AB, Canada

Red Deer Catholic Schools is hosting their annual faith day.  I will be presenting two sessions for their teachers and staff:

Fishers of the Indifferent, Disillusioned, and Skeptical: Building Disciples in the Age after Cultural Christianity
It might be a bold assertion, but what if cultural Christianity is dead? Though many of us know that our society is no longer dominantly Christian, many of our approaches to faith education and ministry have not changed.  How do we grow our own faith at the same time that we reach out to the indifferent, disillusioned and skeptical? The call to be fishers of people remains; it’s time to look a new ways of building disciples, in our own hearts and homes, and in Catholic schools and classrooms.

Walking with Pope Francis: Making Merciful Classrooms
If mercy is God’s name, as Pope Francis so lovingly proposes, then how often do our children hear His name in our classrooms?  Does our presentation of God lead to increased knowledge about God, or an invitation to encounter His merciful love?  Drawing on the traditional corporal and spiritual acts of mercy, we will look together at the ways that classrooms can become of a school of mercy for kids longing for love.