Leah Perrault Consulting

Leah Perrault - Christian/Catholic ConsultingFaith-based organizations frequently struggle with strategic planning, human resources, governance and leadership challenges. Marketplace consultants frequently struggle to understand faith-based contexts, and fail to translate best practices from the world into faith-based language and ethical ministry practice. This is where Leah’s faith-based consulting can be a real benefit to an organization. As human institutions with a Godly calling and mission, faith based organizations often start small, grow quickly, and are always challenged to do more with less. They rely on the generosity of many, including their leaders, employees, volunteers, boards, and supporters. While generosity gets the organizations going, generosity and vision alone will not sustain an organization through the growing pains and challenges of leading, managing and serving people as an organization. All organizations require ongoing attention to human relationships and structural health; faith-based organizations are no exception.

Leah has been honoured to provide faith-based consulting for organizations:
  • Human resources challenges, policy drafting and implementation.
  • Strategic planning and visioning.
  • Governance structures, policy drafting and implementation.
  • Leadership and management support and training.

To explore whether and how your ministry or faith-based organization could benefit from faith-based consulting services, please contact Leah Perrault.